What to Wear for Maternity Photos

There are two main “looks” that we photograph Maternity Sessions at Adrienne Fletcher Photography and so we have two different styles in terms of wardrobe recommendations for these two types of portraits. In general, if you’re not feeling your best, consider hiring a professional to have your hair and makeup done. We can always recommend a local makeup artist if interested. Otherwise below is what we recommend in terms of wardrobe…

In-Studio Maternity Sessions: What To Wear

For studio maternity sessions, we are obsessed with a very modern/fashion/Calvin Klein ads circa the 90s look. We tend to shoot a lot of these in black and white because of how timeless the look is and absolutely love how gorgeous it makes mamas feel.

For this look, the most simple and elegant way to go is a longer (3/4 or knee length fine), stretchy, form-fitting black dress. That’s it! It’s an absolutely gorgeous look on anyone and makes planning super easy. Here are some other tips:

  • Long sleeves are usually best for this look.
  • For dress necklines, the simpler, the better. Consider a crop at the neck line, a small V, or even a turtleneck.
  • Even if you aren’t feeling super comfortable with the added weight of pregnancy, pick a dress that is form-fitting so that we can create beautiful curves in camera. Avoid anything too loose and flowy, or anything with ruffles.
  • Don’t worry if you tend to sweat, we have a fan in the studio ready for this. We most likely won’t shoot full-length for these so you are welcome to wear shoes that are comfortable (even if they don’t match your outfit).

Second Outfit for In-Studio Maternity Session

  • If you’d like more than one outfit in the studio, find a similar fitting white dress.

Wardrobe Options for Men

If you’d like to take some images with your partner, have them wear something dressier than usual. A button-up, long sleeve shirt is perfect, especially for a rolled-up sleeves look. Consider having them wear black, grey, or dark blue. Jeans are fine.

On-Location Maternity Sessions: What To Wear

For outdoor maternity sessions we love fields, gardens, or the beach. Any place that has color and a little breeze. With those kinds of backgrounds we actually recommend the opposite of the in-studio sessions and recommend to avoid wearing black, opting for beautiful solid colors instead!

For this look, a long (floor length), form-fitted (can be flowy towards the bottom) dress is still best. Here are some other things to consider:

  • Solid colors work best, especially in pastels and soft tones.
  • Ruffled or more interesting necklines and sleeves are fine. In this case, full length images are more common so if there is a chance your shoes might be seen poking out from below your dress, consider footwear that is comfortable but also matches somewhat.
  • Bring a second dress for the second half of the shoot, or to help give you some air if you start feeling sweaty in your first outfit.

Wardrobe Options for Men

If you are bringing your partner to the shoot, still consider having them wear something a little dressier. They can always start with the dressier look, and then change halfway into a more casual look, especially when shooting somewhere like the beach. Have them wear colors that work well with what you are wearing without feeling the need to be too matchy-matchy.

Number 1 Rule for Maternity Sessions

Of course the number one rule for what to wear for your maternity session with us is to pick something that you feel comfortable in. Usually maternity photography is booked  when you only have about 6 weeks to go and often that means you don’t feel like yourself and you are constantly uncomfortable. We’re going to make sure the lighting is gorgeous on you and that we are only picking angles to photograph you where we are highlighting all of that beautiful maternity glow, but we also don’t want you feeling itchy or sweaty or distracted by your outfit. Be sure to wear something soft on your skin, breathable, and easy to take on and off!

If you’re feeling ready to book your maternity session, schedule a preliminary call with us asap!