Adrienne Fletcher Photography is a full-service studio, specializing in creating modern, fine art portrait experiences.

We strive to provide personalized sessions, artistically capturing who clients are in this moment of life, and delivering exceptionally high quality heirlooms and impactful showpieces that add meaning and beauty to every home.

Fill your home with love on the walls...

This is about more than just taking pictures. This is about creating and capturing memories that will last a lifetime.

Portrait Session Details


Portrait Clients spend between $700 – $4500 on average on their portrait sessions. We have 3 packages to choose from for any type of portrait session. Each includes at least 4 digitals and some printed artwork. To find out more about our package options click HERE.

Consultation and Design Planning

All portrait sessions come with at least one planning meeting. This gives us a chance to get to know you better so that we can personalize the entire photographic experience, from portrait session to artwork. During our meeting we will plan how the photographs will be displayed in your home, go through product pricing, brainstorm ideas for what to wear, go over style and lighting, and book your session date. A signed portrait contract and paid session fee gets your date officially on our portrait calendar.


We want to ensure that you feel your best come portrait time, so every session comes with a planning call or meeting where we can help you make decisions on what to wear, from color palettes to style. Sessions can be upgraded to include professional hair and/or makeup as well.

The Photoshoot

Whether we are in the studio or on-location, this is the time you get to unplug from all distractions and just concentrate on you and your loved ones. Relaxed, have fun, and feel assured that we’re going to turn so meaningful moments into gorgeous fine art that will last a lifetime.

Retouching Services

All images receive baseline professional editing. From there, each purchased printed image receives final hand retouching to ensure the highest quality when in printed form. While we focus on ensuring a natural look, we can provide extended edits to any image being purchased.

Wall Art Planning

While waiting for your image reveal and ordering session, we encourage all clients thinking about wall art purchases to take a phone photo of any walls in your home that you might want to add artwork on, and then emailing those to us at the studio. Our ordering program allows us to use those photos to mockup your wall art options straight onto your walls so that you can see how many pieces and at what sizes looks best ahead of your purchase.

Complimentary in-home wall art installation can be added to any wall art order.

Image Reveal and Ordering Session

Once your images are ready, we’ll schedule your viewing and ordering session. This is the moment where everything comes together as we look over your beautiful images and make decisions on what your final artwork will look like.

For Base Session Fees, the ordering session is the only time to view your final images. Please keep this in mind when scheduling your order session.

Why print?

We live in a world where we are bombarded with digital media everywhere. We are surrounded with screens that are filled with images. By their very nature they are fleeting, and there are so many, they are hardly memorable. This lends itself to a habit of consuming digital images as if they are disposable and they lose meaning so quickly.

A print is tangible. You can hold it. You can appreciate it. You can spend time with it and reminisce. Imagine your son waking up every morning to a portrait of himself surrounded by his loving family on the wall in his room. His first thought of the day is a reminder that he is loved, that he has a place where he will always belong, and a place to call home.

Picture your granddaughter, full of high school insecurities, taking note of the portraits of you, full of confidence, that tell her that she is enough, and that all of her quirks make her perfect just the way she is.

Or your partner, studying the wall gallery over coffee, chuckling over silly memories and intimate moments together.

These moments in time are priceless and deserved to be remembered, cherish, and preserved in a medium of high enough quality to match the significance of what they represent.
For a role this important, only the finest print products will do.

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