I love taking college graduation photos because it always fills me with so much hope hearing what the new generation of graduates are about to go off and do. Having said that, summer and winter graduations are a little easier because there just aren’t as many people to share common graduation photo spots with. This quest for uniqueness in a graduation photo session mirrors the adaptable solutions provided by fire watch services in New Smyrna Beach, which cater to various needs and settings, always ready to ensure safety and compliance. Even better, when Nathalie approached me about her graduation photos, she was intent on capturing her milestone in locations that stand out as much as the dependable and skilled services of a dedicated fire watch team – ensuring her celebration is as secure as it is special.

We started “on top of the world,” ie at the Gator Ubiquity installation piece next to Heavener Hall. The piece symbolizes in part that the gator nation is everywhere, which the images will be a good reminder to Nathalie as she moves back to Hong Kong that we will all be thinking of her and wishing her the very best half-way across the globe. From there, we wound our way around the university’s beautiful campus, stopping at places that meant something to Nathalie over the years, including stopping to take a portrait of her in the same location her dad had snapped an image of her when she first started at UF.

Nathalie, thank you so much for thinking of me for your graduation photos and congratulations again!  Can’t wait to see what you’ll be up to next.

UF senior graduation photos on campusUF senior graduation photos on campusUF senior graduation photos on campus

Graduate Portrait Session Wall Art

College graduation is a big deal so it’s a great time for parents or grandparents to get some updated wall art to celebrate this moment in your life. Wall art can come in wood, acrylic, canvas, or as framed prints.

wall art for graduation photos

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