This week I got to photograph the lovely Leza of Cabi Style with Leza and some of her select pieces from the 2017 Spring Cabi Collection. She’s a local Cabi clothing rep here in Gainesville and I’m telling you ladies, you have got to check out this season’s styles. They are perfect for work or play, and you can dress them up or make them casual.

For those of your who have never heard of Cabi, Cabi is for women who like to keep a modern look but have zero time for shopping or have trouble putting together outfits. With Cabi you buy directly from a rep, like Leza, who takes away all of the hassle of shopping by coming straight to you with each new season’s styles. We had so much fun showing off some of this season around Tioga and each piece she pulled out was fun, classy, and well made.

You should check out Leza’s Cabi site no matter what, but if you looking for some fresh pieces in your wardrobe or would like to host a Cabi party, definitely reach out to her. She is super fun to work with!

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I can’t wait to see what the fall season brings…

Woman modeling Cabi Collection Spring 2017 in Tioga

Woman modeling Cabi Collection Spring 2017 in Tioga