Twins E & E were born super early and so when I had the pleasure of first meeting these two, they had just come home after spending the first month of their lives at the hospital. These little miracles though were and are clearly already so strong and determined! They were wriggling around, giving us sweet smiles, and so clearly just as excited as I was for their upcoming newborn photography session.

When portrait day arrived, it was a rainy day but the house was filled with love. One set of grandparents was down all the way from Minnesota and even the pets wanted to poke their heads in to see what all the fuss was about. The front door was left open, which made the splashing of cars through puddles and the constant drum of raindrops the perfect background noise for keeping the girls nice and sleepy. The grey sky made for some beautifully soft window light as well.

I love getting to photograph newborns in their home because it allows us to capture not only how they looked at this age, but also their very first home. The images are just as much about the twins as they are this super special moment in the lives of their two amazing parents. The daughters are their first children and so these few early moments captured on camera are just the beginning of many more “first” moments together…from their first steps, to their first words, and many many more.

Welcome to the world you two!

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Although a great option for hanging up newborn photography wall art is in the nursery, another beautiful place that is often less thought of for these is actually in the parents’ bedroom. Here’s one of the mockups I put together from this session for large framed prints from the session.

wall art from newborn session

Lifestyle newborn photography sessions are newborn portrait sessions that happen in a client’s home. If you’re making plans for the upcoming birth of a baby and this style of session appeals to you, be sure to schedule a planning meeting well before the birth so that we can be ready when baby comes. Most newborn sessions happen 5-12 days after birth.