Portrait Photography Investment

People’s stories have always been something I’ve loved to listen to. I probably should have been an anthropologist because I’m the kind of person that enjoys talking to strangers about their lives and finding out all sorts of quirks about who they are, where they’ve been, and what’s important to them.

This is what really draws me to taking portraits and also why the pre-session Meet & Greet is very important to me before any first-time portrait session. These are always free and are intended to be a time where I get to find out all about you. I like to find out things like what makes you and your family members laugh and what are some of everyone’s favorite things. I use all of this information to help me capture who you all are in this moment of your life during our portrait session. One-hour Portrait Session fees are
and include $50 credit towards the purchase of custom artwork, digital collections, and keepsakes.

After your images are ready we’ll set up a Viewing Session where you’ll get to view all the images for the first time in your private online gallery, see and touch all of the portrait products available, as well order your custom artwork. There are even ways to be able to digitally preview what Wall Art Collections would look best on your walls at home. Wall Art Collections start at $500.